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Group consultations – Career Academy

Selfinvest is a career consulting center working with clients from all ages. Following a series of socially-responsible projects and initiatives aiming to raise awareness about career consulting among young people, the center’s team got to the conclusion that the latter face problems that are not limited to the decision-taking process concerning the choice of a profession. Young people are confronted with situations where they are surrounded by multiple possibilities with no geographical boundaries. On the one hand, this is something that previous generations could only dream of, but on the other hand such situations do not necessarily make their choice look easier. Furthermore, young people’s uneasiness is aggravated by the fact that the world they live in is so dynamic that the career path that they choose today could be obsolete tomorrow. Many people believe that unless they are consistent with their chosen profession, they would have a problem that might turn into a huge failure.

This is why it is important to encourage young people to not get influenced by such myths. Through various information and orientation programs they need to acquire confidence and get ready to face new challenges. It is essential for them to feel confident in their own contribution as well as to have control on the choices they have made. They should not attribute their success to luck or respectively their failure to a bad conjunction of circumstances. Generally pupils and students feel insecure in their future.

Selfinvest believes that young people need support in building social competencies and skills for career management. They will gain experience and self-esteem that will have a positive impact on their career development.

Driven by the idea to help young people at the start of their career we in Selfinvest have set up specialized training programs aiming to develop skills for time management, namely through our “Career Academy”.

“Career Academy” is a system of training modules for acquiring skills for choosing, developing and managing your career. These are non-formal trainings whose goal is to develop social and career skills to help individuals in making decisions for career development.

How does this work?

Career Academy is a program consisting of several modules which include:

  • Innovative
  • Interactive
  • Simulation
  • Game

Training techniques whose goal is to acquire skills for taking on career challenges

The different modules cover various aspects of the career planning process. When managing your career it is important to interact successfully with the surrounding environment. It is also essential to play an active role in the choice and management of our career.


  • Manage my time
  • Make inspirational presentations
  • Communicate effectively

When we develop our personal skills, we gain experience and develop our career. We interact constantly with our family, friends, classmates, colleagues, partners etc. These are complex processes that depend on many factors. However we can still work actively on ourselves in order to enhance some of our skills and competences so we can become more successful.


  • I can work in a team
  • I can resolve conflicts
  • I can negotiate
  • I can cope with change


One of the most important contemporary skills is to be able to manage our career effectively. Two elements play a particularly important role to be successful in this endeavor:

  • become aware of the individual active role
  • be eager to face new challenges

Simulation training: “Journey in the Indian lands”:

Methodology: The program is based on the model “training by experiencing” and consists of two modules. The first module aims to introduce the participants to a certain scenario that helps them overcome the usual barriers and anxiety. This prompts them to perceive the situation as a game involving team work, competition and desire to win. They “switch” their role and their status which allows them to get more actively involved in the training. The second module consists of analysis of their results, their particular strategies, their behavior as a team and their personal input. The coach supports group members to analyze and understand the experience, the emotions and the feelings triggered during the simulation.

Results: The participants learn in a motivated and active way. The learning process is “hidden” behind a game scenario that makes it look uncommon and different. Consequently it reveals to the public the complete picture of the situation, their behavior and their reactions. The participants learn from their own experience, the attitude in the group and they identify the adjustments they need to do in the future. They also familiarize themselves with various strategy types that can help them manage their careers in order to remain always busy and employed.

The simulation game “Journey in the Indian lands” was created in 2011. Through the years the program has been presented to various experts involved in many institutions at various levels in the field of career consulting and education in Bulgaria. Simulation for career management made a debut among career consulting experts within the program of the international conference “Motivation for development” that took place on 10-12 October in Sofia. The program was awarded with a distinction in the “National competition for good practices in the field of career consulting, raising awareness and consulting in Bulgaria” in 2012, organized by the Center for Human Resources development and by the Business Foundation for Education.

For more information about how to work with the simulation program:

If you are an educational institution, a center for career consulting and orientation, a company looking for a partner in Bulgaria or simply you are interested in the possibilities of working with the simulation “Journey in the Indian lands”, you can get in touch with us. We will present you the program as well as the modules for working together in detail.