Career counseling

Career consulting is a service delivered individually, involving a trained consultant and a customer, who is in difficulty or needs support so he or she can make a decision regarding his/her career.

If you fall into some of the categories listed below we can offer a solution:

  • Pupils who would like to choose a suitable academic course for their future studies;
  • Young people looking for information about the possibilities for professional development;
  • People about to start their career;
  • Professionals with long-standing experience who are going through a transition period or wish to stir their career in another direction
  • Mothers who following a maternity leave wish to return actively in the professional world.

Current news and events

European project to reduce early school leaving

Comprehensive Manual for VET teachers to improve students’ career management skills...

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Refreshment career lasts 14 steps (part 2)

In the previous article (Part 1) we present seven steps of 14 by which to bring new....

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Career academy

“Career Academy” is a specialized service which aims to develop skills to choose, develop and manage a personal career.

“Career Academy” is a system of interactive and simulation trainings aiming to prepare young people to acquire the necessary skills. Through the program they get familiarized with the nature of the working environment so they can make informed choices and have successful careers.

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Video Presentations

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About the company SELFINVEST

Selfinvest provides career consulting and career development consulting. The company was established in Sofia in 2009.

We offer individual career consultations and group programs aiming to develop career management skills. We work with people from different ages driven by our desire to support them in their search. We work actively with the clients and we assist them in facing the challenge of finding the best-suited career for them.

Over the years Selfinvest initiated various socially responsible campaigns targeting mainly pupils and students. The initiatives’ goal was primarily to support young people to make the first steps towards their professional realization. We work jointly with a lot of non-governmental organizations across the country. We also maintain business contacts with other companies and public organizations.

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Project under the "Active" together with Selfinvest

Goboks Company Ltd. will implement the project under the "Active" to the Operational Programme Human Resources Development in partnership with She Promotions and Selfinvest

The project aims to activate unemployed young people aged 15-29 to participate in the labor market. The project is worth 342 011.44 lev and is funded by the European Union through the Operational Programme Human Resources Development.