Terms of service

The website of Selfinvest.eu is a property of “Selfinvest” Ltd. By using this website, you accept the terms of service unconditionally and in full. If you disagree with these terms of service you must leave this website.

Art. 1./1/ As a user of this website you provide, at your expense, a valid computer configuration, operational system and Internet access to use the website./2/ The website’s administrator is not responsible if you cannot use it or the services it provides for reasons depending on you.

Art. 2 By using this website and services you must comply with the applicable laws, the rules of ethical behavior on the Internet, the moral rules and good manners, as well as these terms of service.

Art. 3 You agree not to perform any actions that may represent an illegal breach in the computer systems maintaining the website including, but not limited to, an intervention in the server or the server’s network of this website.


Security and discretion

Art.1/1/ Using and registering to this website is voluntary. /2/ You must register personally. /3/ By submitting a registration request (i.e filling in the registration form) you agree that we collect and process your personal information. /4/ If you do not provide the required personal data in the registration form, the Administrator may reject your registration.

Art.2 By using our customer services, for which a registration is required, you must submit the mandatory personal data in good faith. /2/ Unconscientious submission of personal information includes, but is not limited to, the following cases: 1. Submission of misleading information about your real status. 2. Submission of another person’s data, including pretending to be someone else; /3/ The administrator has the right to refuse registration to anyone that may be submitting data unconscientiously. /4/ The administrator does not bear responsibility nor owe compensation to anyone whose personal information has been used by others, whether that person has given his consent or not.

Art. 3 /1/ You may access and review your personal data in the way prescribed by law.

Art. 4 /1/ If you find out that your personal information has been, or might be, used by a third party with the goal to register on the website, you have the right to inform the Administrator about this. /2/ If you suspect that your personal data may have been used without your consent for a registration by a third party, you have the right to ask the Administrator to reject the registration. /3/ In case of an account registration with personal data from a third party, the person whose data has been used unconscientiously has the right to ask the Administrator to block this account. He must provide compelling proof about the contradiction between the registered data with the actual data, in particular if his identity is used by a third party. The Administrator can singlehandedly assess whether the evidence is conclusive and their relevance to the case. /4/ The actions described in the above paragraphs are to be performed personally or by a proxy holding a warrant of attorney and certified signature at the headquarters’ address mentioned below.

Art. 5 /1/ The Administrator is in charge of gathering, processing and maintaining users’ personal data in full compliance with the Law for Protection of Personal Data. The Administrator administers personal data under the provisions of the Law. /2/ The Administrator may use the personal information of the website’s users solely for the purposes stipulated by law and by the the Terms of service. /3/ All personal information is stored digitally. Software and hardware systems used are protected by the necessary means and tools.

Art. 6. The administrator must not alter or reveal users’ personal information, nor transfer it to third parties.

Art.7 /1/ You must complete the required registration conscientiously. /2/ Once the registration form has been completed, the Administrator processes the data. He has the right to reject a registration if there is a previously submitted identical (in part or fully) registration. /3/ The Administrator informs the user of the existing registration within a reasonable time.

Art. 8 /1/ The Administrator warrants not to provide third parties with users’ user names and passwords. /2/ The ID number protects anonymity in user-to-user communication. /3/ The Administrator is not responsible if you disclose your username and password to third parties or if your reveal your identity or that of a third person hidden behind an ID number. /4/ You are responsible for your actions related to your registration. /5/ If you have well-grounded suspicion that your registration is being misused, you may change your username and password.