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Career counseling

The choice of profession is one of the most responsible and essential decisions in our life. In terms of importance it is on a par with the choice of your spouse or life partner, way of living together etc.

A couple of facts put an emphasis on the awareness of the importance of this decision:

  • The career has an impact on our self-esteem and our life attitude
  • The career has an impact on the place of living
  • The career influences the social status
  • The career affects our desire for learning and development
  • The career can make us happy
  • The career can make us feel satisfied

This is a service that aims to support people from different ages and in different stages of their career development as, very often, taking these decisions is accompanied with anxiety, uncertainty or simply a need for more information.

Stages of life and career development of a person when he or she needs to opt for career consulting:

  • Choice of educational institution
  • Choice of profession
  • Change of profession
  • Career advancement within the same company
  • Change of the work place
  • Return to the work place after a maternity leave
  • Retirement


Career consulting process

Becoming aware of your needs – the customer needs to realize that he or she needs to overcome a career challenge or simply to look into the situation from another point of view, e.g. from the objective point of view of the consultant.

Getting involved – this is a process in which both the customer and the consultant, take part. In order to achieve effective results it is essential that both parts take an active part in the process and stay engaged until the end.

Assessment – In the process of collaboration it is important that both the client and the consultant discuss all aspects e.g. character, strong points, values, attitude, possibilities etc. regarding the respective client. Each opportunity is analyzed in terms of strong and weak points, expected results, threats so that the client can make the most appropriate decision.

Making a decision – the client is supported and encouraged by the consultant to make a decision that matches his or her needs, views, values and contributes to his or her well-being and satisfaction. At this stage the client is playing the active role. The consultant cannot make a decision instead of him. He can only support the client.

Action plan – after the client has made a decision the consultant supports him in setting up of an action plan that will help him to achieve the desired results within deadlines and by the most appropriate means.

Career consulting is an individual service. The work process is between the client and the consultant. One of the most important requirements of the collaboration and the working relationship is the confidentiality between them as well as the mutual trust.


Who is the career consulting for?

  • People who are pro-active and responsible for their future
  • People ready to invest in their career
  • People who realize that they work with their consultant in the same way a sportsman works out with his coach – each one of them has his duties and responsibilities in the name of achieving of a common goal
  • People ready to take up the difficult path of change of attitude, manners and actions driven by the desire to seek personal and professional success
  • People eager to seek and find new opportunities and strategies to achieve the best career results
  • People wishing to return to their work place after a maternity leave
  • People aspiring to find the key to unlocking their full potential and possibilities

Career consulting can be useful for:

  • Pupils
  • Students
  • Working young people in the beginning of their career
  • Working people with long experience who are looking for appropriate career development
  • Ladies and gentlemen who are preparing to return to their workplace after a maternity/paternity leave
  • Longtime unemployed people who wish to find a job
  • Working people who are about to retire