Who is Tanya Terziyska?

Tanya Terziyska graduated from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” with a Bachelor’s degree in “Social activities”, specialty Employment. She holds a Master’s degree in “Qualification and reorientation of the work force”. She is a certified career consultant by GCDF. Her professional experience is entirely focused on the HR sector, and more specifically in “Selection, Training and Development”.

In 2006 she did an internship at OMV, Bulgaria.

In 2008 she worked in the “Personnel” Department of Libra Ltd.

Tanya Terziyska has organized the campaign “Guide for a successful career” targeting students from professional and vocational high schools in Sofia.

“I decided to take up on career consulting and to develop the activities of Selfinvest not only because I like helping people who are motivated and eager to develop their potential, but also because I do realize the key role of career consulting as a bridge between education and businesses. The development of the professional orientation sector in Bulgaria will have a beneficial impact on the development of personnel’s competencies as well as on the business productivity and on the recognition from the society.

I believe that each person has a potential that he or she should steer in the right direction to a path of constructive development. We do not have to follow others’ footsteps, but to look into our own dreams and desires!

I like my job and I love what I do!”

Upcoming projects: raising awareness about career consulting, development of new socially-responsible campaigns and defense of a PhD dissertation on career management.